Multidisciplinary artist Marco Laborda grew up around art. His father, an expressionist painter, introduced him to a world of painting and cinema, so it’s no surprise that the Barcelona native now wears many hats, all of them inclined towards the arts. Having trained in theater, writing, filmmaking and photography since boldly moving to Madrid at the age of 18, he is a collage of influences, driven by the urge to represent his passions and ideas in a concrete artistic form.

Obsessed by portraiture, Laborda’s collages are just one facet of the scope of his artistic pursuits, a representation of his being a “creator” in the truest sense. Taking an analogue approach, he cuts and pastes vivid elements together to produce arresting portraits reminiscent of Francis Bacon’s disfigured characters or Francisco Goya’s realistic oil renderings, all the while maintaining a style and aesthetic that is uniquely his own. “I enjoy expressing my imaginary world through photography and collages,” he says. “In a world with a lot of noise and distractions, art allows me to be alone, just cutting photographs and playing with them.”